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MacKinnon Funeral Home, Inc.

The MacKinnon Family has operated the Funeral Home since 1993 and after purchasing the property in 1999, continues to own and manage the MacKinnon Funeral Home, currently under Thomas J. MacKinnon as owner, director.

Flanner and Buchanan - Geist
Flanner and Buchanan - Geist

We are a family-owned business that proudly serves all faiths, races and income levels. Our expertise and resources are unmatch...

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Omega Funeral & Cremation Service Cremations - Portland

When my friend's Mother died he didn't know what to do. She wanted be cremated. I called several places, one that the...

Richard Anderson

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All you need to know about Cremations
All you need to know about Cremations

These days cremations have become very popular for many people while making their funeral arrangements. Moreover, you will also...